Excellence in Teaching

Spring 2020

Spring 2020 presented unprecedented complications and challenges. At midterm, Purdue University suspended Face-to-Face courses due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The rest of the term was conducted remotely, making use of online course delivery technologies. Due to this abrupt shift, the University altered their evaluation process. Students will still  be able to provide feedback, and I will excerpt from those evaluations here.

Fall 2019

ENGL 106

  • 20 Students
  • Instructor of Record
  • Evaluation Mean Score: 4.2 on a 5.0 Scale

Key Questions

  • “Overall I would rate this instructor as…” 4.6/5.0
  • “Comments on my papers helped me improve my writing.” 4.7/5.0
  • “This course helps me analyze my own and other students’ writing.” 4.2/5.0
  • “My instructor is friendly and accessible.” 4.4/5.0

Student Comments

  • “She organized the class extremely well and made sure that every topic was covered while still allowing time for peer revision and workdays.”
  • “I hope that Mrs. Hall will continue to follow what she did this year. She had an incredibly effective format with her powerpoints, conferences, workshops, and lab days. She made sure every student got the time needed to improve his/her writing. Her class in general was incredibly enjoyable.”
  • “She’s open to different perspectives and she gives specific advice or guiding questions that helps me improve my writing in my own way.”

Fall 2018

ENG 100

  • 40 Students (2 sections of 20 students)
  • Instructor of Record
  • Evaluation Mean Score: 4.1 on 5.0 Scale

Summary of Evaluations and Examples:

Students mention the progress they’ve made in the course and identify specific methods of support given by the teacher. Some students were upset about being “required” to take a developmental education course, but still mentioned appreciating the help they received from the instructor.

  • “I felt that this course helped me a lot in becoming a way better writer. I feel that she gave good feedback on my papers to help me in the future.”
  • “This course taught me a lot of new ways to write and what to incorporate in my writing! The professor really helped me get through the whole semester even with personal issues and I can’t thank her enough.”
  • “ENG 100 was very helpful looking into ENG 110. Mrs. Hall was an amazing teacher that was understandable but also pushed to make you better.”
  • “Felt like a classroom where I developed most as a writer and critical thinker.”

Spring 2018

ENG 110

  • 20 Students
  • Instructor of Record
  • Evaluation Mean Score: 4.0 on 5.0 Scale

Summary of Evaluations and Example:

Students mention accessibility of teacher as a resource and how their own perceptions of English and writing have changed. Some students comment on specific assignments and grading policies and how that affected their perception of the class.

  • “Mrs. Hall was always very helpful & approachable as a professor. I never felt like that I couldn’t go up to her or email her if I needed help. English has always been a class I don’t enjoy, but she made it so that I didn’t mind when I had to write an essay, I actually enjoyed it.”

ENG 100

  • 15 Students
  • Instructor of Record
  • Evaluation Mean Score: 4.7 on 5.0 Scale

Summary of Evaluations and Example:

Students consistently point out engagement from instructor and feedback. Some students note specific improvement in their writing as a result of the course.

  • “I really appreciate Mrs. Hall’s classes. In this class I learned so many things. Those are how to write an outline, an effective and interesting introduction and a well-organized essay. Also, she and I had a serious conversation about my major and future. It really helped me to decide my future. She is a wonderful teacher.”
  • “The course was a very help and laid back course. The teacher was always helpful no matter the situation, If you needed her help she would help, She would also break things down in a way so everyone in the class will understand. The work wasn’t too much but also I know I improved with my writing.”

Fall 2017

ENG 100/ENG 110

  • Linked Corequisite Sections
  • 17 Students
  • Instructor of Record
  • Evaluation Mean Score: 4.12-4.17 on 5.0 Scale (Evaluations from students given twice due to enrollment in two courses concurrently.)

Summary of Evaluations and Example:

Majority of students indicated that they appreciated the class set up and engagement with instructor. Some issues noted were specifically related to the class structure (re: linked courses). Students indicated that instructor availability was a benefit, and that they appreciated having time to work on their essays and receive feedback.

  • “I was able to grow as a writer after completing papers and getting a lot of feedback and suggestions.”
  • “I’ve had a great experience throughout the whole class. There were times when I wanted to just give up on this class, but only for my own personal reasons. The personal conferences with Mrs. Hall were really helpful because she gave great feedback. She really cared about us being successful in this class and did anything she had to do in order for us to do [?]. Great teacher!”