Course Design

ENG 100/ENG 110 Corequisite Model

In Spring 2017, Dr. Margaret Weaver began to pilot an experimental class model for our developmental writing course at Missouri State University. At the time, I was enrolled in ENG 721: Theory of Basic Writing with her, and I had the opportunity to tutor students in the pilot class of this program.

This experience became a driving force in my desire to work with developmental writing students. As a result of my interest, I was chosen to serve as instructor of record for a section of the new course model (the Co-Requisite) in Fall of 2017 as a Graduate Teaching Assistant.

Due to the experimental nature of the course, I worked throughout the summer to prepare a curriculum of my own design for the course that combined aspects of the standard ENG 110 curriculum and general education goals while also scaffolding in learning objectives from ENG 100.

This presented challenges for me as a new instructor, and over the course of the semester I learned how to adjust the curriculum and increase my students’ agency in the process without compromising the learning objectives they needed to achieve.

This work also resulted in an action research case study of the class that culminated in my MA-Writing thesis. Since Fall of 2017, I have worked with Dr. Weaver to continue research on the course model, its effectiveness at MSU, the demographics of students in the ENG 100 program, and how to adjust the current curriculum to meet student needs more effectively.

For additional information, see my MA Thesis Developing Perceptions.

Proposal for Addition to GEP 101 (Missouri State University) Curriculum

My experiences with my Fall 2017 Co-Requisite students left me with many questions about First Year Programs at Missouri State University. In Spring 2018, I had an additional opportunity to explore these questions in ENG 629: Rhetoric and Composition in High School and Junior College with Dr. Catherine English.

As a result, I compiled a proposal for Dr. Kelly Wood, Interim Director of First Year Programs regarding the addition of a Public Affairs centered writing assignment to the GEP 101 first-year experience curriculum.

The goal of the assignment was to address a perceived lack of connection to the Public Affairs Mission that I had noted from conversations with my students about their GEP 101 experience. I piloted a potential version of the project in my ENG 110 Spring 2018 class. I can provide copies of this proposal memo and materials upon request.

(Assignment Materials and Rubric can be found in First-Year Writing Courses.)